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The interest in my (whisky)blog continues grow and it get more visitors, even from abroad and it’s really fun! Whisky are (…and should be) fun and I love you all! Therefore, I want to take this page and provide some information to all you strangers and honored visitors from all different countries and with the lack of being able to read the swedish language…  this page is therefore made for all of you and a try from me to connect! 😉

First of all I want to let you know my english really SUCKS! ’cause it’s a foreign language for me and that’s the reason why my blog are in swedish. I do apologize for that (nor, maybe not really…) but if you wanna try there are some pretty easy ways to get through and at least get out some of my points and the meaning from my blogs. Thanks to Google Translate! Just copy/paste and I’ll think you’ll manage! 🙂

My way of scoring the whisky I taste is pretty much at the same basis and level as everybody else’s and my scale goes from 0 – 20,00 which is divided into four parts and we put 0.00 to 5.00 points (in increments of 0.25 points) for each part, as follows:

  • NOSE (0.00 to 5.00 points)
    Whiskey aroma with or without water (ideally without), and the appearance / color.
  • TASTE (from 0.00 to 5.00 points)
    How to taste whiskey directly after swallowing (or spitting out, ohh?)
  • AFTER TASTE (from 0.00 to 5.00 points)
    How the whisky taste a few seconds after swallowing (about 5-10 seconds)
  • OVERALL (0.00 to 5.00 points)
    How the flavors are married, the look of the bottle/package and if it is affordable
    (whisky in Sweden are generally expensive, so you gotta be careful and try picking out the best ones)


Second, and for you information I am doing this only for my personally pleasure and I am totally independent and only basing my reviews upon my own opinions. (…and I hate whisky snobs!!)

If you wanna talk to me you can (add me!) find me at my Twitter-account: @freddeboos and/0r my Instagram-account at: @freddeboos (where I speak both english and swedish)

Samples for me? Trading, reviewing or sending?

If you happen to be from the whisky industry or maybe just are a regulary whiskymaniac and wondering if you can send me samples for me to review or trade, the answere is YES! 😉 Contact me here or on twitter for furher discussions.


If you are the webmaster of a blog, I’d love to swap blogroll links with you! Further information here…

Sláinte! /Fredde

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